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* Ian is working with several artists from around
the world on a number of comic book stories. A
two-story collection entitled "Worlds Apart" will be
available soon.

* Ian wrote flavor text, a comic book and a short
story for the Mage Warfare card game, which is
available now! Visit www.magewarfare.com to
check out the game and read Ian's short story,
entitled "Keep Your Enemies Closer."

Ian continues to work on his short story collection
with a goal of publishing this year. He has also started
writing the third Elder Earth book, tentatively titled
Ender of Night.

* Ian is also working with several artists on a number
of potential comic book pitches.

You can obtain an autographed copy of
Prophecy of Shadows and/or Plains of the
Past by contacting Ian via e-mail.

Like An Approaching Storm
Ian and independent comic book artist/writer Dave
Morello have combined to create a mini-comic that
will be available as a free bonus to anyone buying any
of Ian's or Dave's books. The 10-page, ashcan-size
comic was written by Ian and drawn by Dave in his
unique style. Like An Approaching Storm is the title,
and it takes place just days before the events in
Prophecy of Shadows. Meet Dave or Ian in person to
pick up the bonus book (Ian and Dave are often at the
same show sharing table-space, so you can get the
mini-book signed by both writer and artist!), or order
any books from this site and get the Like An
Approaching Storm mini book free!
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Ian M. Clark is a fantasy/sci-fi/horror/comic book writer
based in New Hampshire. Ian is also a sports reporter with
The Union Leader and NH Sunday News, New
Hampshire's largest daily newspaper.

Ian's debut novel, Prophecy of Shadows, was published in
December of 2001. Book II, Plains of the Past was
released in 2003 and chronicles the conclusion of the
warrior K'het's journey